Company Profile

Gerhard Schubert GmbH is a medium-sized family business, currently employing 1,000 people worldwide. Schubert builds highly flexible packaging and filling machines, plus thermoforming, filling and closing machines for products of any type from a variety of industries. Packaging any product is easy and manageable using TLM systems from Schubert. The abbreviation "TLM" stands for Top-Loading Machine. Schubert also provides a comprehensive service program for its TLM packaging machine systems.

Administrative building

Approaching from the southeast, there is no overlooking our administrative building.


A friendly welcome awaits visitors and our receptionists are on hand to make sure they have a pleasant stay.

Visitor suite

The pleasant and welcoming visitor suite is located on the ground floor of the administrative building.

Engineering department

The engineering department produces three-dimensional designs, working in close contact with the production control system.

Packaging Development

Determing the right package for a product is a special challenge.

Parts manufacturing department

The parts for our TLM packaging machines are manufactured in our parts manufacturing department and by 35 sub-suppliers located in and around Crailsheim.

Welding robots

One of the highlights of our tour is a welding robot hard at work welding together TLM machine frames.

Paint shop

TLM machines are idividually painted according to the customer's colour preferences.

Logistics centre

The logistics centre ensures that each individual component is in the right place at the right time.

Assembly line

TLM packaging machine modules are assembled on a assembly line.

Final assembly

The machine modules are joined together to form complete lines in two final assembly departments and are set up to perform their intended packaging task.

Trainee workshop

Because the construction of packaging machines calls for highly trained staff, we run our own trainee workshop.


The canteen takes care of the physical well-being of employees and visitors.

Company site

Every year our 700 strong workforce builds around 120 packaging machines valued at a total of 125 million Euros on our 50,000 m² site. Worldwide 1000 employees from the Schubert Group which has a turnover of 230 million Euros.