TLM hotline

Our TLM Hotline makes a trained “TLM technician” available almost round the clock affording immediate assistance. This hotline service will soon also be available via internet and you will have direct access at the operator panel of your machine.

Klaus Pelzer
Head of the Hotline
Phone: +49 7951 400-490


TLM spares

It goes without saying that all the wear parts of standard machine components are available immediately from stock as spare parts – naturally worldwide. What’s more, when your machine is delivered you will receive an individually tailored list of wear parts that also includes the product-specific spares you should keep in stock. 

Marcus Wackler
Head of Spare Parts Service
Phone: +49 7951 400-470


TLM servicing

Every machine should be periodically serviced. If required, we would be pleased to take care of this for you. You or your maintenance staff can also carry out your own machine servicing, provided you have completed one of our training courses. The same applies to any necessary repairs or overhauls.

Rolf Ohr
Head of Servicing
Phone: +49 7951 400-455


TLM conversion service

We are naturally also responsible when it comes to performing conversions, integrating new format components or, if necessary, relocating the machine to a different site. We are also able to offer production for our machines over an agreed period, if required.

Richard Kraut
Head of Conversion Service
Phone: +49 7951 400-467