ESM - the electronic service module




Earning money with a Schubert packaging machine depends on just one thing: ensuring that the machine is serviced and maintained in tip-top condition. Equipped with the ESM, short for Electronic Servicing Module, which we have to confess we are rather proud of, our TLM machines will help you do just that. With the aid of the ESM, for instance, it is possible to dismantle a packaging machine down to its individual parts – only on screen, of course – and so precisely determine each individual component. This also helps to radically increase your familiarity with the machines and their technical make-up. Any identified parts can be added to your shopping basket, the contents of which can later be printed out as an order list.

The ESM system also provides a reliable reminder about outstanding maintenance work by displaying an oil can icon on the screen. The list of work to be performed is concealed behind it. You will also receive a timely reminder of any wear parts which need to be procured as a precautionary measure.

All of this means that the availability of your TLM machine is never compromised by the sudden failure of a wear part, particularly if the precise service life of this type of part is known. The answer to around-the-clock production.